Bill Gephardt Podcast – Episode #2: Winder on riots, another run for office; Cox on COVID & Collin Ray; Dabakis flips, joins GOP; Rocky rips jail, Decker sees all

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah, June 11, 2020 (Gephardt Daily) — The stars are shining brightly in the Gephardt Galaxy of Stars.

In the June 10, 2020 episode of Bill’s new podcast — the aptly named Bill Gephardt Show  — Utah luminaries and notable-notables are generating making, headlines.

In a timely and insightful conversation with one of Utah’s most experienced and respected lawmen, former Salt Lake County Sheriff Jim Winder provides Bill’s listeners with a personal and highly nuanced assessment of the police response to the recent unrest in Salt Lake City. What went wrong? What went right? Why did the demonstration suddenly turn violent?

Winder also answers a pivotal question about his desire to return to public office.

Lt. Gov. Spencer J. Cox, current frontrunner in the race for the GOP’s nomination for governor, talks about the strategy he’s helping direct in battling the spread of COVID-19 in Utah. What does he think about the risk of a resurgence as the state reopens? And what about the controversial Collin Raye concert now planned for Cedar City?

One of Utah’s highest profile Democrats has flipped. Jim Dabakis, former chairman of the Utah Democratic Party, and longtime state senator, is now a registered Republican! While some see the move as further evidence that 2020 is the weirdest year in modern history, Dabakis says there is method to his madness and is urging other Utah Dems to take the GOP plunge.

A Utah mother of three died behind bars while begging for medical attention at the Salt Lake County Jail. Now former Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson is calling for “heads to roll” after negotiating a $950,000 settlement in the death of 37-year-old inmate Lisa Ostler.

Rod Decker, the king of Utah airwaves, has seen a lot in his 40 plus years of political reporting, but he’s never seen an election year quite like this one. What does a man who lived by the creed “TV is to be on” think about the 2020 race? You’ll hear from the man himself.

Finally, exploring the mystery of the long lost vessel which suddenly appeared on the shore of the Great Salt Lake. We’ll hear from the man who made the discovery, Dave Shearer, Harbor Master at the Great Salt Lake Marina.

Episode 2 of the Bill Gephardt Show is sponsored by Dream Dental Implants, 1Wire, All Utah Plumbing, Heating and Air, and 56Cutz.


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