Davis County crews rescue stranded man, puppy

DAVIS COUNTY, Utah, Jan. 24, 2021 (Gephardt Daily) — Davis County crews assisted a man and a puppy who were stranded in the Buckland Flats area above the Bountiful “B” early Sunday morning.

Brent Jensen with Davis County Search and Rescue says in the video: “We are up at the Bountiful ‘B,’ we’ve got about 12 guys here, we’ve got snowmobiles that are ready to be dispatched. We had a young man early this morning that decided to drive up as far as he could go in his truck and typically what that means is that you go until you get stuck and that’s what he did. He knew he was in trouble and decided to call 911 so we are out here.”

He adds that an ATV headed up to pick up the man and the puppy. Neither were injured.

“Unfortunately many people get stuck attempting to drive up this unmaintained road every winter,” the Facebook post adds. “Snowmobiles and tracked vehicles are OK to drive up there… but trucks and SUVs not so much.”


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