Hunters shoot grizzly bear after being charged in Idaho’s Island Park

Photo Courtesy: National Park Service

ISLAND PARK, Idaho, Sept. 24, 2021 (East Idaho News/Gephardt Daily) — Two hunters are safe after a grizzly bear charged at them in the Stamp Creek Meadows Road area of Island Park in Idaho Thursday morning, according to

The men told officials they were walking when the grizzly sow appeared and began running toward them. One of the hunters deployed bear spray and the other shot the animal, according to Idaho Department of Fish and Game spokesman James Brower. The bear died and the men were unharmed.

There were grizzly cubs in the area that likely belonged to the sow and conservation officers are working to locate them.

“Everything seems to point that this a case of self-defense,” Brower told “We are trying to find the cubs and make a plan on what to do with them.”

There have been other incidents in this same area of Island Park involving bears this year. While out on a run, a man survived being mauled by a grizzly in July.

Weeks later, a mountain biker avoided being hurt after being chased by a grizzly with cubs.


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