Mapleton man charged with stalking after allegedly saying he wanted marry daughter

Curtis William Bacon. Photo Courtesy: Utah County Sheriff's Office

MAPLETON, Utah, Jan. 15, 2019 (Gephardt Daily) — A Mapleton man is facing 10 counts of third-degree felony stalking after allegedly claiming his ex-wife was involved with witchcraft and saying he wanted to marry his daughter.

Curtis William Bacon, 49, was arrested Monday evening, said a probable cause statement from Utah County.

Bacon’s ex-wife initially asked Bacon to stop contacting her on Nov. 28, 2018. On Jan. 6, the statement said, an officer made telephone contact with Bacon to tell him to stop contacting his ex-wife. Bacon has sent dozens of emails to his ex-wife in that time, and has also been emailing his daughter and his ex-in-laws, among others, the probable cause statement said.

“The overwhelming number of emails Curtis Bacon sends his family and others can cause someone to become alarmed and concerned for their safety,” the statement said. “Curtis appears to have developed personal infatuations with his ex-wife in believing she is involved in witchcraft. He labeled his ex-wife as a heavenly stepmother.”

Bacon also said he believes his daughter is his mate and “intends to find her and marry her.”

His daughter has asked her father to stop all contact with her, but he has refused, the probable cause statement said.

“Curtis appears to suffer from mental illness,” the probable cause statement said. “It was reported that he is schizophrenic and possible a sociopath. Curtis says (his ex-wife’s) voice is in his head 16-24 hours a day. He feels people are in his files on the computer changing things.”

The probable cause statement said the emails are causing his ex-wife’s family “much emotional distress and concern for their safety.”

His ex-wife has now moved to a different address, the statement said.

The arresting officer said he provided victims advocate information to the ex-wife and advised her to get started on a protective order or stalking injunction.

Bacon was placed under arrest for five charges of stalking of his ex-wife and five of his daughter. He was transported to the Utah County Jail, with bail set at $5,000.


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