Mom of missing St. George teen Macin Smith offers heartfelt advice to parents

Missing Teen Macin Smith
Tracey-Bratt Smith, mother of missing St. George teen, Macin Smith, talks about the mysterious circumstances of her son's disappearance in a 2015 interview with Gephardt Daily. Photo: Gephardt Daily

ST. GEORGE, Utah, May 29, 2017 (Gephardt Daily) — The mother of missing St. George teen Macin Smith is offering heartfelt words of advice to parents this Memorial Day.

“Hug your kids,” Tracey Bratt-Smith said. “Be patient when they push you to your limits. Life is short.”

Bratt-Smith made the comments on a social media page dedicated to Macin’s return late last week.

Macin, now 19, walked away from his family’s St. George home in September 2015. He hasn’t been seen or heard from since.

Some speculate Macin left due to family strife. Others believe he may have met with foul play.

Smith’s story was recently broadcast nationwide on an episode of Investigation Discovery Channel’s “Disappeared.” The exposure spawned numerous leads and word of potential Macin sightings, none of which have panned out.

Tracey Bratt-Smith and her son, Macin Smith. Photo Courtesy: GoFundMe

As the waiting game nears its second year, the anguish felt by Smith’s family is palpable. In her latest Facebook posting Macin’s mother wrote of her sadness and the simple coincidence which triggered another round of emotion.

“Just wanted to express gratitude once again for Linda Zaleskie and her crew that presented Macin’s story so well on ‘Disappeared … The Silent Son,'” Bratt-Smith wrote. “They were kind enough to send us some copies and they happened to arrive on National Missing Children’s Day.

“My heart ache has been close to the surface this week, Tracey wrote. “I’ve started to reach out to other mothers of missing children to see how they have coped and perhaps learn from their ideas; things I may not have thought of yet. There are some fierce parents out there.

“I’m also attaching a song that I think I was meant to hear today.

“Hug your kids. Be patient when they push you to your limits. Life is short. Relationships are the single most important thing that there is to nurture in this lifetime.

“Thanks Kristin Davis Hunsaker … I think that was you who gave me a hug in Costco today. Thank your sweet daughter again for specifically praying for Macin every day. Tender mercies accompany me through this journey.

The Momma”


  1. Dear Bratt Smith, Has anyone considered that Macin had Autism? I have watched Macin’s story on tv many times. My GD has Spectrum Autism with Pandas. Check all hospitals for Autistic patients. My GD has OCD over Anime too. Check Japan.


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