Payson man arrested for abuse after reported altercation with wife, 3 children

Kenneth Monroe Allbee. Photo: Utah County

PAYSON, Utah, May 7, 2019 (Gephardt Daily) — A Payson man was booked into the Utah County Jail Monday on suspicion of domestic violence after his wife said she accused him of snorting painkillers prescribed to his stepson.

Kenneth Monroe Allbee, 35 was booked on suspicion of:

  • Three counts of commission of domestic violence in the presence of a child
  • Two counts of child abuse
  • Assault
  • Criminal mischief

Payson police were sent to the scene after a 911 operator alerted them to a call with a woman screaming in the background to “Get off my kids,” a booking statement says.

“A very agitated male voice was also heard,” the statement says. “It was reported that the suspect Kenneth Allbee left on foot and I located him walking nearby.”

Allbee said he moved from Oregon three months earlier to be close to family, the report says.

“Kenneth stated that he just barely got home from work when he was verbally attacked by his wife. I asked why she was mad at him and Kenneth said he had no idea. I asked what kind of things she was saying to him and Kenneth couldn’t say. All Kenneth would say was that she started yelling at him, he wanted to leave, and she and her three kids tackled him and stole his wallet. Kenneth stated to me that when the three kids attacked him, they went to the ground several times.”

Allbee would not tell responding officers what made his wife angry, the report says.

“It was reported through dispatch that Kenneth supposedly stole and snorted his stepson’s pain pill,” the statement said. “I asked Kenneth about this and he hesitated and looked very uncomfortable.”

Allbee denied doing that. Officers next talked to his wife.

“The adult female who stated that while Kenneth was at work, she discovered that her son’s one remaining pain pill (for wisdom teeth problems) was missing. The adult female also stated that she found crushed up powder on the bathroom counter and suspected Kenneth of snorting his prescribed pain medication along with her sons.”

The woman called Allbee, the statement says.

“She called Kenneth and confronted him on the phone about the missing medication and said that Kenneth admitted to stealing and snorting it. When Kenneth arrived home the adult female stated she verbally confronted Kenneth and stated that she was going to tell his parents what he was doing, that he had a substance abuse problem, and ask them for help.

“The female stated that Kenneth became angry and took her car keys, debit and credit cards, and went to leave. The female stated she was afraid that Kenneth would get drunk and drive and kill himself or others. The female stated this similar situation happened when they lived in Oregon and Kenneth took her credit and debit cards and spent all her money and she had no money to feed her children for days.

The woman’s twin daughters, age 13, tried to stop Allbee from leaving by standing in front of the door, the statement says.

“Twin A stated that Kenneth shoved her hard into the wall knocking down a live planter breaking and spilling the contents everywhere. Twin B tried to help her sister and get the cards and keys away from Kenneth, and then their 16-year-old brother saw what was happening. The 16-year-old brother stated he tried to stop Kenneth from hurting his little sisters and then their mother got in the mix.”

The mother and children were able to get the financial cards, and Allbee left, the statement says. Injuries to the mother and children were minor, the report says.

“The female did not want Kenneth arrested and was afraid she and her children would have no food or shelter because they would get kicked out by her father-in-law who owns the house.”

“The female stated she wanted to leave Kenneth but had no means to do so and Kenneth controls all of her money from child support and disability she used to be on in Oregon. The victim’s advocate was contacted and responded to the scene.”


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