Police: Pleasant View father jailed without bail after shaking infant, leaving her critically injured

Aaron James Ewert. Photo: Weber County

PLEASANT VIEW, Utah, March 7, 2020 (Gephardt Daily) — A Pleasant View man has been jailed without bail after police say he critically injured his infant daughter.

Aaron James Ewert, 31, on Friday pleaded not guilty to child abuse, a second-degree felony, in the March 2 incident that left his 2-month-old daughter in intensive care, struggling to breathe and suffering seizures.

Ewert and the baby’s mother took the infant to McKay-Dee Hospital after the infant was unable to breathe properly, says a probable cause statement filed in the case.

The victim “was unable to breathe for periods of time, and her skin was pale. (She)  received a body scan and the doctors determined (she) was possibly bleeding in her brain,” the statement says. She “was transferred to Primary Children’s Hospital where she was admitted to the PICU unit and placed on a breathing tube.”

The parents told Pleasant View Police Department detectives that the child was in their care, but they ” … were unaware of what happened to her.”

The baby was transferred to Primary Children’s hospital, and had an MRI that confirmed she had bleeding on the brain. She still required a breathing tube, and was having injury-caused seizures at the time the probable cause statement was filed, it says.

The statement says that on March 4, Ewert contacted Child Protective Services, ” … saying Aaron wanted to talk to them and confess what he did. (PVPD) Det. Aeschlimann was present during the telephone conversation with Aaron and he admitted the injuries that (the girl) received were his fault.”

Ewert said he was changing the infant’s diaper while his wife was away from the residence, and he became upset that the baby would not stop crying.

“Aaron said he had a lapse in judgment and held (the infant) below the shoulder as he shook her. Aaron could not say how hard he shook S.E. but it was hard enough to get her attention and make her stop crying.”

On March 4, Ewert was contacted by PVPD detectives for an interview, the probable cause statement says.

“Aaron was read his Miranda Rights and he said he understood them and was willing to talk to investigators. Aaron admitted to being in the master bedroom on Monday March 2, 2020, around 1000 hours, changing (the girl’s) diaper. Aaron said he got impatient with (her) crying and screaming. Aaron said he held (her) by the armpits and shook her for several seconds.”

Ewert told detectives he was aware he might injure the baby, the probable cause statement says.

“At this time it is unknown if (the infant) will recover from her injuries, and is still in critical condition,” the statement says. “(She) still has the possibility of death from her injuries or long term effects.”

Ewert is being held without bail. His next court appearance is set for Tuesday.


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