Stranded snowmobilers rescued in Wasatch County

A spotlight illuminates stranded skiers rescued by Wasatch County Search & Rescue crews. Photo by WCS&R

WASATCH COUNTY, Utah, Feb. 11, 2024 (Gephardt Daily) — Wasatch County Search & Rescue crews saved two stranded skiers in the Ant Knolls area of Wasatch County Saturday night.

“Two men had become stuck in very steep terrain with no way out,” says a news release issued by WCS&R. “The deep snow in the area complicated the extraction.”

But the men were prepared for the predicament. They had brought along a Garmin inReach, the Wasatch Search & Rescue statement says. That’s a two-way satellite communicator that works in areas where cellphones don’t.

“Kudos to the stranded party for being prepared with a Garmin Inreach, radios and the ability to start a fire,” the news release says. “They were able to set off the SOS button which notified First Responders.”

The rescue operation began at about 7:30 p.m. Saturday and took about five hours, the statement says. See a video on Facebook.

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