Two dead, 4 injured in mass shooting at Boise mall; suspect in custody

Boise City Police vehicle. Photo: BCPD Facebook page

BOISE, Idaho, Oct. 25, 2021 (Gephardt Daily) — Two people are dead and four others are injured after a mass shooting Monday at Boise’s Towne Square Mall.

One of the injured is confirmed to be an officer with the Boise City Police Department, according to a police news conference.

“Officers are continuing to secure the scene, there are multiple reports of injuries,” says a tweet issued at at 2:45 by the Boise Police Department. “One person is in custody.”

At 3:15 p.m., the department issued another tweet:

“Five people and a Boise Police officer were injured in this event,” it says. “Police are making notifications to family of those involved and continuing to clear the mall.”

At the news conference, Boise City Police Chief Ryan Lee confirmed the two fatalities, the injury of the police officer, and additional injuries.

“At this time we believe that there was only a single shooter involved, and that there is no ongoing threat or danger to the community at large from this incident,” Lee said.

Boise Mayor Lauren McLean spoke after the police chief.

“I speak to the families of those who will hurt today,” she said. “Never, should one have to, or does not expect when they’re saying goodbye to their loved one who’s headed to work. Who’s headed up to shop, and that they’ll get a call like they did today. Countless people found themselves in a situation, they never would have, nor should have expected.

“I want to thank the shopkeepers, the people in the mall that reacted so quickly, to take care of folks that were there. You showed, in a tough and chaotic moment, how much you care and what you’re willing to do to support and care for for strangers.

“I also want to thank the Boise police department and first responders, who came quickly, who showed compassion to so many people that were scared at a really tough moment. And you did everything you could to keep people safe.”

McLean said she feels bad for anyone who lost a loved one, who saw the crime, or who was asked to shelter in place.

“I am deeply, deeply sorry for the pain and trauma that you’ve experienced. No one should have to experience that pain in trauma, and particularly those whose family members are lost today. I am so sorry.”

Gephardt Daily will have more information as details are released.

East Idaho News agreed to share its recording of the news conference, which can be viewed below.


Image: Google Maps


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