Utah DWR officers assist 92-year-old man with pheasant hunt

Utah Division of Wildlife Resources assisted a 92-year-old man who wanted to go pheasant hunting but needed assistance.  Photo: Utah DWR

FARMINGTON, Utah, Nov. 30, 2021 (Gephardt Daily) — Gerald Newbold is a longtime pheasant hunter, so when this season came around he had a hankering to take another shot it, the only problem was that at the spry old age of 92, he thought he might need a little help making it happen.

The nonagenarian decided who better to talk to than the folks at Utah’s Division of Wildlife Resources.

“Earlier this month, we received a call from Gerald Newbold — a 92-year-old who enjoys hunting ducks at Farmington Bay,” said a Facebook post from the Utah DWR. “He told us that he’d like to go pheasant hunting again, but that he’d need some assistance. With the help of a couple of our conservation officers, he was able to go pheasant hunting.”

Newbold shot his limit of pheasants, the post said.

“Gerald is a great example of how hunting can be a lifelong passion,” the post added. “We hope we can be as adventurous at 92! The officers who were able to help with the hunt said it was one of their most rewarding days on the job.”


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