West Valley City police bust drug, alcohol party; process more than 90 youths, adults

West Valley City Police responded to a neighbor's call about a loud party Sunday morning, and found 90 or more juveniles and adults, multiple varieties of illegal drugs and associated paraphernalia, and at least two handguns. Photo: Gephardt Daily

WEST VALLEY CITY, Utah, July 31, 2016 (Gephardt  Daily) — A neighbor’s call about a loud party early Sunday morning led West Valley Police to a gathering where more than 50 juveniles and 40 adults reportedly were using multiple varieties of illegal drugs, and the youths illegally imbibing alcohol.

“We had probably 20 guys (officers),” said Lt. Steve Burke, West Valley City Police Department. Usually, when we get things going, it’s a pretty well-oiled machine. We have people to identify, people to have them (party attendees) blow into a breath tester. We have guys that can handle citations and referrals.

“For lack of a better term, it’s kind of like an assembly line.”

The call came in at 12:39 a.m., and officers responded to the scene.

“Upon arrival, we found a large group of people in and around the house. We attempted contact, and when we attempted contact, people started fleeing out of the house,” Burke said.

“We got officers in the area to pretty much lock down the area. We went inside. For officer safety, we went inside, brought everybody outside.”

Once everyone was out, officers found a couple of firearms on the ground, and they found marijuana paraphernalia and possible drugs in front of the house.

“I don’t know that it’s been tested yet, but it was a white powder substance, so it’s going to be either meth or cocaine,” Burke said.

Most at the party seemed to be between ages 17 and 30, he said.

“If they’re under 21, we usually look at them, and if they look like they’ve been consuming alcohol or something, then we have a breath tester,” Burke said. “If they’re 18, 19, 20, then we usually write them a ticket and send them away. If they’re under 18, we’ll refer them to juvenile court and have a parent come pick them up.”

Parents were not happy when they arrived.

“No, they’re usually not,” Burke said. “It’s part of being a parent, though. I’ve done this for quite a while, and you get a mix where they (parents) are angry at police or they’re angry at the kids. We just can’t let them (juveniles) walk on the streets, so we need to get mom and dad out of bed and let them be parents.”

Two West Valley City brothers were arrested in connection with the weekend drug bust, which was at their family residence.

According to arrest fact sheets from the Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Office Correction Bureau, “dozens of underage subjects tested positive for alcohol.”

The arrest fact sheets stated that Christian J. Alvarez, 20, and Edwin A. Alvarez, age unspecified, have each been booked on one count each of reckless endangerment; use or possession of a drug; and selling, offering or furnishing an alcoholic product.

In addition, Edwin Alvarez faces a charge of possession of more than one ounce of marijuana or spice.



    • Lol they found meth or coke they haven’t determined that’s not cool not something I’d even party around.. let me ask you this would you let or even want your child or even your closest homie around such shit xD booze it up smoke some pot but there’s a line that shouldn’t be crossed


        What a giant waste of time. Not only did you spend tons of man hours citing kids for being kids, you gave them all a criminal record. Bravo Utah, bravo.

        • Your an idiot, your going to blame Utah when it was those kids and adults who broke the law. Your part of what’s wrong with society today….no one is accountable for their own actions anymore I guess???

          • The law is the problem, Utah’s got it twisted. Look at Portugal, they decriminalized ALL drugs and drug use went down by 50%! BAMMM! Now these kids will have trouble getting into a college or getting a good job for doing the same things almost every 17-21 year old does in America. Bravo.

          • Do you mean you’re part of what’s wrong with society. Having bad grammar is what’s wrong with society hahaha.Ricky Conde, please tell me how this is a racial profiling issue.

    • You say that now, but how about when some “kid” who is not experienced when it comes to alcohol gets trashed and gets behind the wheel and kills your wife/girlfriend /mother/child? That’s murder, but will you tell the judge that is doing the sentencing that they are wasting taxpayers money? So if something like that happens, you can’t get mad or upset because they are being kids after all.

      • You didn’t finish your sentence..oh wait “you’re an idiot” you just don’t know the difference between to and too. You’re probably so far on the right wing you fell off before you could type the second o.

    • I agree. Cops suck. Never met a Cop that isn’t corrupt. Best years of my life were having big drug induced house parties. The cops, especially W.V.C. will probably go home and use the drugs, like they got busted for 10 years ago and had to disband 20+ cops. And, for the record, white powder could also be Opiates, Benzos, Molly, or a whole slough of other substances. To assume it is meth or coke, is not good detective work.

  1. That’s right because it will be better in the news the next day on a drug overdose, hit and run or fatal car accident that involved alcohol or Alcohol poisoning because teenagers know when to stop and they make such great choices while under the influence.

  2. And since when are 18, 19, 20 yr olds MINORS??? Whatever agency those officers were from can face a potential civil rights lawsuit aka class action by all the parents.

    • They are minors when it comes to alcohol use. Not sure what the parents are going to sue for. The parents have no claim to damages, IF, there were damages. It’s West Valley City Police Dept.; did you not read the whole thing?

  3. OK UTAH I am ok with most of this BUT?? Really?? In addition, Edwin Alvarez faces a charge of possession of more than one ounce of marijuana or spice.
    come on GROW the Fuck up & get with the rest of the country.. Bet You assholes will send him to prison for having this REALLY? I do NOT use this never liked it as a teenager BUT this is Fucking STUPID!! It’s a herb & it also has many healing effects on people whom NEED This IDIOTS!!

    • In every state where weed isn’t legal people will get a felony charge for over an Oz of weed it’s not just utah. I have a friend who was busted for an ounce of weed in California.

  4. WEST VALLEY has been steadily declining since early 2000’s i shake my head at all the reckelssness thats made its way in, but i never liked the place anyways west coastin boiiiii,, so good riddance fucgggin little chump kids taking advantage of their hard working parents,, way in over their heads thinking theyre so grown

  5. Alcohol poisening is so common, officers saved my nephews life at an adult kid party.. He was under age drinking and people just put him in a room drunk with his head in a bucket. If the cops didn’t bust that party my nephew would be dead..


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