Globs Of Butter From Dairy Plant Pollute River In France

Hundreds of pounds of butter polluted one of France's "prettiest" rivers after an industrial accident at a nearby dairy plant. Firefighters and workers at the plant were unclear of how the butter entered the water, but shut off the flow to investigate. Screen capture/Le Telegramme/Dailymotion

BRITTANY , France, April 14 (UPI) — A river in France became inundated with large globs of butter after an industrial accident took place on Wednesday morning.

The Odet river in the region of Brittany, which is known as one of the country’s prettiest according to The Local, was polluted as large amounts of butter floated in the water.

According to The Connexion, local media reported that hundreds of pounds of butter entered the river which is close to the Beuralia dairy plant.

The plant and local firefighters eventually shut down the flow of water from the plant to the river and began investigating what caused the accident.


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