Rubio Takes Trump Feud Off Debate Stage And To The People

Marco Rubio
A bolder Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., made several attacks on Donald Trump Friday morning, at one point joking that the real estate mogul was worried he'd wet his pants. Photo by Kevin Dietsch/UPI

DALLAS, Feb. 26 (UPI) — Sen. Marco Rubio waged all-out war on Donald Trump on Friday, joking the real estate mogul may have been worried he’d wet his pants at the previous night’s debate.

At a rally Friday in Dallas following Thursday night’s tense debate, Rubio told supporters that Trump had asked for a full-length mirror during a commercial break.

“Maybe he was making sure his pants weren’t wet,” Rubio joked.

“It’s time to pull his mask off. What we are dealing with is a con artist,” Rubio told a crowd of about 2,000. “The charade is up. This is a con job where he’s going to Americans that are struggling, Americans that are hurting and he’s implying, ‘I’m fighting for you because I’m a tough guy.'”

The hits just kept coming. At one point, Rubio took out his smart phone and read Trump’s Twitter feed, which featured several snarky tweets bashing Rubio.

Rubio accused Trump of making several typos, telling the crowd: “Just like Trump Tower, he must have hired a foreign worker to do his own tweets.”

He told the crowd that despite Trump calling Rubio “Mr. Meltdown,” Trump was the one having a meltdown backstage. According to Rubio, Trump touched up the makeup on his upper lip because he was sweating so much he had a “sweat mustache.”

During Thursday’s debate, Rubio hammered Trump several times, earning cheers from the audience. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, piled on more than a few times, making for the most chaotic debate of this election so far.

Since former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush dropped out of the race, Rubio seems to have assumed the anti-Trump role, a space Bush had carved out for himself despite his poor primary performance. Rubio also seems to have bounced back from accusations made by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie that Rubio repeated prepared remarks. In fact, Rubio accused Trump of doing the same.


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