Three Militants Killed In Attack On Police Station In Russia

Three men who attacked a police station in Novoselitskoye were killed, two shot by police and one who died after he detonated a grenade he was carrying. The incident occurred near Russia's volatile North Caucasus. Photo by Alex Natin/UPI

NOVOSELITSKOYE , Russia, April 11 (UPI) — Three militants were killed Monday in an attack on a police station in southern Russia in the Stavropol region.

The attackers attempted to enter a police station in the town of Novoselitskoye; two were shot to death by police and a third was killed when his own grenade detonated. No police officers or civilians were injured, despite significant damage caused by the explosion, to the building and to nearby parked cars.

Witnesses described hearing five explosions and automatic gunfire, leading to conflicting initial reports about the number of attackers, but the Stavropol department of Russia’s Interior Ministry later confirmed there were three attackers and all were killed. The ministry and the Federal Security Service sent investigators to the town of about 26,000 after the incident.

“The professional and well-judged actions of the police helped prevent any harm to civilians and officers,” an Interior Ministry spokesperson said.

The area is near the North Caucasus, where the presence of the Islamic State is increasing and attacks on government property have become more frequent in recent months.


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