Tread Connection home tire service gains traction with Utah customers

Photo: Tread Connection

SALT LAKE & DAVIS COUNTIES, Utah, Dec. 28, 2020 (Gephardt Daily/Bill’s Marketplace) — Tread Connection, the Wasatch Front tire business, owned-and-operated in two locations by Aaron Mason and Danny Hansen, is on a roll. Its model for delivering and installing new tires at customers’ homes is gaining traction, and it may just change the way tire businesses operate, not only in Utah, but across the country.

“Our approach to the business pretty much up-ends the applecart,” Aaron said in an interview with Bill’s Marketplace. “We are changing the way the industry works and our customers are loving it.”

“The whole idea is pretty simple. We deliver, install, balance, and repair the tires on your vehicle right there at your home, right in your very own driveway,” biz-partner Danny explained. “We come to you, at your residence, or even your workplace, and put on the new tires or do repairs right then and there.”

In a time when more and more people are looking for quality home delivery services, Tread Connection’s business model is connecting with Utah consumers.

“These guys actually came to my home,” said customer Dan Stewart.

“They put on new tires right in my driveway,” said customer Tyler Call. “It’s a great concept!”

Aaron and Danny agree. They say they’re proud of their success and the “disruption” their model is creating within in the ranks of the tire trade. Not only do customers find great value in the sheer convenience their service provides, they are also surprised by the competitive pricing.

“We are very often cheaper than tire stores,” Aaron said. “It’s in the overhead. It costs a million dollars to build a tire store, and we don’t have that expense. Tire stores generally tack on three or four different fees in addition to the prices they quote for tires. We don’t have those fees as we take our trucks and equipment to people’s homes and businesses.”

“Plus, you don’t have to take time out of your day to first drive to a tire store and then hang out in the waiting room while listening to pneumatic wrenches and smelling car fumes,” Danny said, smiling. “You can sit in your home or office, go about your business, enjoy your day, and the only thing you’ll need to think about is where you’re going to drive once we finish your job.”

The equipment deployed by Tread Connection crews is state-of-the-art, designed to get jobs done with speed and precision, while preventing any inadvertent damage to the vehicles, especially the rims.

“We’ve got quite a niche here because we regularly work on expensive cars, and our equipment never touches the rim when mounting or dismounting the tire. The equipment only touches the tire,” Hansen said.

“It is so nice that they come to me,” said customer Tina Weber. “You don’t have to wait. You just go back in your house and continue doing what you were doing. Pretty soon, you have new tires!”

“It gives me a sense of satisfaction that I do a good job,” Danny said. “I can see it on my customers’ faces. Most of the time, they praise you up and down when the job is done. It really makes this job great!”

How to Schedule an Appointment

Any customer can schedule Tread Connection to show up at their Utah home or business by simply visiting its website: Put in your zip code, “shop for tires” and make an appointment.

Or you call them direct. Aaron and Danny love answering questions and talking with their customers.

In Salt Lake County, call 801-513-3156.

For service in Davis County, call 801-919-9901.

Tread Connection is a Gephardt Approved business and is also featured in the Gephardt Local Business Listings.


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