Snorkelers Capture Footage of ‘Jaw Dropping’ Humpback Breach

Jaw Dropping Humpback Breach
A humpback whale breaches in footage recorded by snorkelers. GoPro/YouTube video screenshot

MUNICH, Germany, Sept. 3 (UPI) — A group of snorkelers taking video of a humpback calf and its mother captured the moment one of the mammoth whales breached the surface and jumped into the air.

The video, posted to the official GoPro channel on YouTube, begins with aerial footage of the two whales swimming at the surface of the water.

Footage taken from below the water shows the snorkelers swimming with the leviathans until one of them rockets up through the water and jumps into the air in a breathtaking breach.

GoPro said the “jaw dropping” video was recorded by Fabin Jobin and Anders Carlson.


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