VIDEO: Young Deer Dodges Fire Chiefs While Rampaging Through Home

NORTH MUSKEGON, Mich., Sept. 29 (UPI) — A camera was rolling at a Michigan woman’s home as two fire chiefs and a police officer struggled to guide a young deer toward an open door.

North Muskegon Fire Department Chief Steve Lague, Dalton Township Fire Chief Alan Styles and a police officer responded to Lois Wagenmaker’s North Muskegon home Thursday afternoon after she came into a fire station and reported a deer was running amok inside her house.

“I was so shocked by seeing the thing,” Wagenmaker told “We have deer frequently in the yard, but they have never come in the garage. I’ve learned to never keep the garage door open. Never, ever.”
Video from the incident shows the fire chiefs and police officer struggling to guide the deer toward the open door in the attached garage while it repeatedly attempts to flee up a flight of stairs.

“Of course, they were asking if we wanted to shoot it,” Lague told WXMI-TV, “and we thought, If it’s upstairs and we can coax it downstairs, it’s gonna run out and go towards the watershed, and we’ll be fine.”

The men were eventually able to guide the deer out the door. Authorities said the animal appeared to have minor injuries.


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