VIDEO: Zoo Penguins Unsuccessful In ‘Madagascar’ Style Escape Attempt

Five penguins make an ill-fated dash for freedom at the Odense Zoo. zooodense/YouTube video screenshot

ODENSE, Denmark, Nov. 14 (UPI) — The Odense Zoo in Denmark shared video of an attempted penguin escape that was foiled by the flightless birds’ own wet footprints on the concrete.

The video posted to YouTube and Facebook by the Odense Zoo features a zookeeper holding a camera while following the wet footprints from the penguin enclosure down a corridor meant for zoo staff.

The zookeeper soon catches up to the five penguins as they make a mad dash for freedom.

The zoo compared the antics of the birds to those of their animated counterparts in the “Madagascar” series of films.

The slippery escape artists come to a dead end in the corridor and turn around to run back toward their enclosure.

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