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Ed Sheeran says fiancee made his engagement ring

Ed Sheeran says his fiancee hand made him an engagement ring.

‘Jurassic World 3’ in development with June 2021 release date

Universal has announced the creative team that will develop the third entry in its "Jurassic World" series and the release date of the film -- June 11, 2021.

Emily Ratajkowski goes topless for Vanity Fair cover

Model and actress Emily Ratajkowski appears topless on a new Vanity Fair cover.


Review: ‘Passion’ runs deep at Good Company Theatre

Don't expect a typical love story when you go to "Passion" at Good Company Theatre in Ogden.

Review: ‘Bright Star’ lights up PTC stage

It's a rare musical that can make you both stifle a laugh so you don't miss the next subtle joke and struggle to to keep your happy feet from stomping to the beat of raucous banjo music.

‘Bright Star’ actress talks Broadway, Steve Martin, secret brownie recipe

In the past two years, actress Maddie Shea Baldwin has found herself tasked with understudying and performing multiple roles for a new Broadway musical, consulting with creators Steve Martin and Edie Brickell, and now playing the character of Margo on the Broadway national tour.

Review: ‘Odettes’ in Ogden adds warmth, original music to the holidays

If you can't be with your longtime friends for the holidays, Ogden's Good Company Theatre Company can fix you up with some entertaining substitutes from years gone by.