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Meghan Markle receives coat of arms after royal wedding

Meghan Markle, the new duchess of Sussex, has received a coat of arms.

Harvey Weinstein charged with felony rape, criminal sex act involving 2...

Disgraced Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein was charged in New York City on Friday with felony rape and criminal sex act in cases involving two separate women.

Morgan Freeman apologizes following sexual harassment allegations

Morgan Freeman was accused of sexual harassment by eight women Thursday as part of a special report by CNN that also mentions eight others who witnessed the actor taking part in inappropriate behavior.


Review: Zeigfeld’s ‘The Full Monty’ delivers belly laughs, bellies, more

OGDEN, Utah, May 10, 2018 (Gephardt Daily) -- Body shamers, stay home. But laughter and limited pointing are permitted at the Zeigfeld's production of "The...

Review: Hale’s ‘Music Man’ a tuneful treat

If you've seen "The Music Man" a few times, you may think you know about what to expect when you take your seat at the Hale Centre Theatre's production.

Review: Taking a leap of faith with ‘Jump’ pays off in every way

'"Jump: verb 1. push oneself off a surface and into the air by using the muscles in one's legs and feet. 2. (of a person) to move suddenly and quickly in a specified way. noun 1. an act of jumping from a surface by pushing upward with one's legs and feet. 2. a sudden involuntary movement caused by shock or surprise."

Review: Hale’s ‘Tuck Everlasting’ offers fun, charm, lifetime lessons

Utah audiences have the advantage over Broadway's when it comes to a certain production.