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Sunday, April 22, 2018

YouTube cracks down on fake news channels with ad changes

YouTube announced Thursday it is cracking down on fake news channels by no longer placing advertising on them until they've reached 10,000 overall views.

Feds ordered Twitter to reveal person behind anti-Trump account, lawsuit says

Social media giant Twitter filed a lawsuit Thursday that claims President Donald Trump's administration demanded the identity of a user who's been highly critical of the federal government.

Boeing, JetBlue back startup aiming for electric flight revolution

Two of the biggest names in the sky -- Boeing and JetBlue -- are investing in Zunum Aero, a Seattle-based firm that is developing small electric aircraft it says will increase short-haul commercial flight efficiency, reduce fare prices and start the era of green air travel within the next decade.

More pressure mounts on Trump’s energy agenda

The Trump administration is on the wrong side of the law with efforts to delay the execution of clean power rules, a group of states and advocates said.

Gallup poll: For first time, majority approve of Obamacare

A Gallup poll shows 55 percent of Americans support the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, which represents a 13 percent increase from five months ago and the first time a majority of Americans approve of former President Barack Obama's signature healthcare law.