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Time difference gives China head start on tariff war with U.S.

China and the United States are expected to launch a potentially damaging trade war, but Beijing could hit its rival with tariffs first.

Google parent Alphabet’s first-quarter net profit rises to $9.4B

 Alphabet's net profit increased 73 percent in the first quarter of 2018, an earnings report released Monday indicates.

U.S. markets rebound after China moves to strengthen yuan

U.S. markets rebounded a bit Tuesday, restoring some of the losses a day after its worst-performing session of the year that most analysts linked to the ongoing U.S.-China trade conflict.

CVS Health to close 900 stores

CVS Health is closing 900 stores over the next three years in response to the changing of "consumer buying patterns," the company said Thursday. 

Education Dept. extends student loan repayment moratorium through August

The Education Department on Wednesday announced an extension of the student loan repayment pause through Aug. 31, delaying any interest and collections as well through the summer.

How the gas industry can help fight climate change in Siberia

Permafrost is the layer of permanently frozen earth -- over 3,000 feet thick in some places -- that lies just beneath the land surface in Arctic regions. It formed over the past few million years when ice ages predominated.

Sierra Club says EPA’s Pruitt flouting integrity rules

Following a review of fuel economy standards from the White House, the Sierra Club said it filed a complaint against the EPA for violating integrity rules.

House investigation denounces Wells Fargo as ‘reckless megabank’

After a year-long investigation, the House financial services committee has concluded that Wells Fargo operated as a "reckless megabank" that's failed to change its culture of abusing customers -- even after major scandals and punishment.

U.S. Treasury gets tough on Chinese firm with North Korea ties

The U.S. Treasury is taking an uncompromising approach to Chinese firms that are abetting North Korea's development of nuclear weapons.

China wades into oil basins off the West African coast

Prospects for expanding the footprint in emerging oil basins off the Senegalese and Gambian coasts has increased through a Chinese partnership, FAR Ltd. said.