Man stabbed in chest Sunday in Kearns, mother questioned by police

A man is in the hospital Sunday, Dec. 4, after being stabbed in the chest in a home at 4207 W. Bampton Lane in Kearns. The man's mother has been talking with investigators as they try to determine just how the stabbing occurred and what led up to it. Photo: Gephardt Daily staff

KEARNS, Utah, Dec. 4, 2016 (Gephardt Daily) — A man is in the hospital Sunday night after being stabbed in the chest, and his mother has been talking with investigators as they try to determine just what happened in the home on Bampton Lane.

Unified Police Lt. Paul Barker said police were dispatched at 5:30 p.m. to a report of a stabbing at 4207 W. Bampton Lane. Barker said he and some other officers were just down the street on a different call, “so we got here really fast.”

“We knocked on the door,” Barker said, “and the mother let us in. Her son, an adult in his 30s, had a stab wound in the chest. The knife was quickly secured by the officers.

“Unified Fire Authority arrived, did a quick assessment, and took the man to Intermountain Medical Center.”

Barker said the man was considered to be in critical condition because he has a chest wound, but officials don’t know “if it was a deep wound or if he’ll just need a couple of stitches.” The severity of the wound is being determined at the hospital.

The situation leading up to the stabbing is under investigation, with officials at the scene and at the hospital. According to Barker, police don’t know if the mother stabbed the son, or if the son pulled out a knife and a tussle ensued, with the son being stabbed accidentally. There is a considerable size and age difference between mother and son, Barker said.

“The mother is talking with police and being very cooperative,” he said.

When asked about domestic violence incidents during the holidays, Barker told Gephardt Daily that there seems to be an increase in these cases this time of year.

“You have families getting together. And maybe some families shouldn’t get together,” Barker said. “But walk away before it gets physical, and don’t get a weapon involved. Whether it’s a knife or a gun, a weapon is only going to make things worse.”

He suggests that, when a situation looks like it could get physical, “go outside and cool off. In this weather, you’ll cool off right away.”

When tempers flare, he said, be the bigger person, be the adult, and just walk away.


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