‘Realest’ fake Trump ever! ‘The Morning Stream with Todd and Erin’ — March 6, 2017


SALT LAKE CITY, Utah, March 6, 2017 (Gephardt Daily) — So, Monday morning on “The Morning Stream with Todd and Erin,” we had a chat with irascible comic Anthony Atamanuik, who “channels” Donald Trump in his new show at Wiseguys on Wednesday. He’s proud to call himself “Internet guy and the realest fake Trump ever!”

We check in on all of our favorite web cams — you know, the Great Dane puppy cam, the Dolphin Beach cam, the Bald Eagle cam …. Sigh, all the places we are not.

Have you ever heard “Tell Me Something Good”? It’s our daily segment guaranteed to lift the spirits of the most depressed and the cranky. Today’s is the story of the two most (color blind) beautiful boys in the world. Plus! Saucy sprinters! What happens when your argument on your cell broadcasts to the entire neighborhood when Bluetooth speakers go horribly wrong! Flooding! Have a look, won’t you? 24-7, we’re always here, honey.


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