Class-action suit filed over Hatchimals that won’t hatch

A California mother filed a class-action lawsuit against the makers of the toy Hatchimals, a version of which is seen here. The woman alleged the Hatchimal she bought for her daughter never hatched. Image courtesy Spin Master

Jan. 26 (UPI) — A California mother filed a class-action lawsuit against the makers of toy Hatchimals, alleging many of the hottest gifts from Christmas failed to hatch like they’re supposed to.

Toy-maker Spin Master created Hatchimals, which come out of the box as a plastic egg. After children play with the egg for 20 or 25 minutes, the creature inside is supposed to begin pecking its way out of the shell to reveal which of the five Hatchimal species is inside.

For some, the payoff never came and the children were left with “coal in their stockings” and nothing more than a plastic egg to play with, the lawsuit alleged.

Jodie Hejduk of Bakersfield, Calif., said she purchased a Hatchimal for her 10-year-old daughter earlier this month for her birthday. Her daughter became “dismayed” when, despite following the instructions on the package, the Hatchimal never hatched.

NBC News reported others took to social media to complain about similar problems with the toy. One woman said she called the Spin Master help line but was disconnected when an automated system disconnected her because the phone line was overrun with callers.

Spin Master lawyer Christopher Harrs told NBC the company through its customer care line has provided guidance to parents whose children couldn’t get their Hatchimal to hatch. Harrs said a “few customers” received defective Hatchimals, and they received free replacements.

“The allegations from the class action lawyer are simply inaccurate and not based on actual facts,” Harrs said.


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