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Bagged salad linked to 200 cases of parasitic infection

The Food and Drug Administration said a bagged salad mix sold at multiple grocery stores -- including Walmart and Aldi -- may be responsible for sickening more than 200 people.

Florida growers back bill to forbid Chinese citrus imports

A bill to ban the importation of all citrus from China has gained bipartisan support in Florida, where growers have invested billions of dollars to battle citrus greening disease that came from Asia.

Chloroquine, hydroxychloroquine linked to higher death risk in COVID-19

Chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine offer no clinical benefit for people with COVID-19 and might cause serious heart-related side effects, according to a study published Friday in The Lancet.

Gov. Herbert addresses state’s controversial drug purchase; says some businesses closed by COVID-19 could...

Utah Governor Gary Herbert said Friday that COVID-19 case numbers continue their declining growth rate and if specific concerns can be addressed, he could allow more Utah businesses to open, with new safety measures in place, as early has the end of next week.

Mushroom sales soar as Americans cook more at home during pandemic

As produce sales at grocery stores surge during the coronavirus pandemic, one item is selling particularly well -- mushrooms.

U.S. consumer prices fall as coronavirus pandemic strains economy

U.S. consumer prices fell in March due to the contraction caused by the coronavirus pandemic and the oil price drop, government data released Friday said.

Nutrition experts fear ‘dirty dozen’ produce list will put off consumers

Nutrition scientists fear this year's list of the "dirty dozen" produce items -- those most highly treated with pesticides -- will scare people away from eating fruits and vegetables at a time when healthy eating is critical.

Costco grants priority access to members who are healthcare workers, first responders during pandemic

Costco, a wholesale big-box store accessible by those who pay an annual membership fee, has announced that during the current pandemic, it will give priority access to its members who are healthcare workers and first responders.

Retail flour supplies run low as consumers turn to home baking

America's flour mills and bakeries are working overtime to meet the skyrocketing demand for baked goods amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Potato industry scrambles to meet surging consumer demand

Potato growers and shippers are working overtime to keep American grocery stores stocked with enough spuds to meet skyrocketing consumer demand during the coronavirus pandemic.