Katharine McPhee: The Kardashians are ‘deep thinking, feeling people’

Katharine McPhee at the BAFTA Los Angeles TV Tea on September 19, 2015. File Photo by Jim Ruymen/UPI

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 30 (UPI) — Singer and actress Katharine McPhee thinks there’s more to the Kardashians than meets the eye.

The 32-year-old “Scorpion” star voiced her support for the “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” family while discussing society’s emphasis on beauty with “Ocean Drive” magazine.

“I love the Kardashians; I enjoy their show,” McPhee said. “I think that they actually are pretty deep thinking, feeling people that have to deal with their issues and lives in their own ways.”

“I think some of the images they are constantly putting out are a part of their brand, like constant perfection,” she said. “But there is too much emphasis on the way people look.”

McPhee told “Ocean Drive” she’s long been aware of the value society places on appearance. She admitted she thought of herself as “pretty but stupid” when she was young, in part due to emphasis on her looks.

“I wasn’t the best in school, but I got attention,” the star recalled. “I got that a lot as a kid, especially growing up in L.A. with talent and modeling agencies and people giving you their cards, when you become valued only for the way you look.

“One of the things I like the most about myself now is how emotionally intelligent I am,” she said. “We put these messages out there that [being pretty] is such a valuable thing … it’s something that people can value too much.”

Khloe Kardashian had shared similar sentiments about appearance in a June interview with “Harper’s Bazaar.” The reality star confessed she’s received a lot more positive attention since her 40-pound weight loss.

“I definitely think the fashion industry, and people in general, look at me more now that I’ve lost weight,” she told the magazine. “People actually said [before], ‘I just can’t work with you’ — because I was too big.”

McPhee came to fame on “American Idol” Season 5 and last released the album “Hysteria” in September. She presently plays Paige Dineen on “Scorpion,” which will return for a third season Oct. 3 on CBS.


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