Patty Jenkins responds to anonymous detractor’s claim that ‘Wonder Woman’ is ‘a mess’

Photo Courtesy: Entertainment Weekly

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 14 (UPI) — Director Patty Jenkins is defending “Wonder Woman” against a claim calling her upcoming super-heroine movie “a mess.”

Jenkins took to social media to shoot down criticism The Hollywood Reporter said came from an anonymous, open letter sent to Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujihara.

The note, which was purportedly penned by an ex-studio employee, stated: “I wish to God you were forced to live out of a car until you made a #1 movie of the year. … Maybe ‘Wonder Woman’ wouldn’t be such a mess. Don’t try to hide behind the great trailer. People inside are already confirming it’s another mess. It is almost impressive how you keep rewarding the same producers and executives for making the same mistakes, over and over.”

“Woah, just saw this press about WW having problems. Are they serious? This is some made up bs right here. Made up! Produce a source, anyone,” Jenkins tweeted Friday, followed by: “You can’t because it’s entirely false. Don’t believe the hype people. Someone’s trying to spread some serious misinfo.”

Subsequent posts read: “Isn’t until you are intimately involved in these things that you realize how totally false these rumors can. Let me reassure you…” and “Zero about the movie we are making has been called a mess by anyone in the know. Fact.”

“Real lasso of truth, time, will reveal that letter to be false soon enough. But lame something so transparent in its agenda gets traction,” Jenkins concluded.

“Wonder Woman,” starring Gal Gadot as the title character, is set for release next June.


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