Randy Quaid Arrested a 2nd Time in Canada

Randy Quaid Arrested a 2nd Time in Canada
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MONTREAL, CANADA – October 7, 2015 — (Gephardt daily) — It’s being reported that American actor Randy Quaid has been arrested again and is scheduled to appear before the Immigration and Refugee Board in Montreal on Thursday, October 8..

Why he was arrested is unclear, but his wife tweeted late Tuesday that her husband had been detained. This is the second arrest in Montreal by the Canadian government for the actor.

Canadian Immigration and Refugee Board spokesman Robert Gervais confirmed, in a statement said Quaid will have a detention review hearing before a commissioner on Thursday afternoon but no further details were given.

In a youtube video posted in 2010, Quaid and his wife said they were being persecuted and then moved north of the US border.

In February 2015 Quaid posted this bizarre video on YouTube:

The couple have has stated they want to stay in Montreal but were being hunted by `Hollywood star-whackers.’

In a video posted to Youtube in 2012, Quaid talks about his persecutors.

In 2010 ABC News interviewed the Quaids about their legal problems.

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