Review: Zeigfeld’s ‘The Full Monty’ delivers belly laughs, bellies, more

Image: The Zeigfeld Theater

OGDEN, Utah, May 10, 2018 (Gephardt Daily) — Body shamers, stay home.

But laughter and limited pointing are permitted at the Zeigfeld’s production of “The Full Monty.”

The comedy tells the tale of men stripped of their livelihood by job loss who then resort to planning a strip show to make some cash. The local women folk love the bronzed-and-buff Chippendales-type dancers who come through, who strip down to their fancy undies.

So the six regular guys decide to stage a one-night strip show. And to make up for not being bronze and buff, the men will offer something extra: the full monty, meaning the undies come off.

After all, what do these desperate guys have left to lose other than, oh, maybe the last shreds of their dignity.

We should stop here to say audiences will not be able to see anything taboo, so won’t be bothered unless they are offended by skinny legs, knobby knees, and the occasional mounds of quivering white flesh you might encounter at any public swimming pool.

The opening night audience laughed, guffawed and even snorted at the comedy of the men’s predicament and their outlandish solution, including some awkward dance moves.

But at its heart, “The Full Monty” is about what desperate men will do to support their families, the courage needed to take back control after loss, and the universal fear of being judged on our attractiveness and found lacking.

It’s about being hurt and making yourself vulnerable again anyway.

And it’s also a really funny show, played to the hilt by the actors at Ogden’s Ziegfeld Theater.

Standouts include actor Jeremy R. Gross as desperate dad Jerry and Caleb Parry as overweight and under-confident Dave. Shining in their character’s most vulnerable moments are Nick Morris (Malcolm)  and Carlos Emjay (Horse).

And taking a really funny show to the next level of levity is Camille Van Wagner as filter-free accompanist Jeannette.

The set and costumes are strong and allow the actors to shine. Which they do. For a fun night of theater, catch the show before the end of its limited run. “The Full Monty” plays Fridays and Saturdays through May 19. For more information, click here.

The show is intended for adult audiences, and does contain some language and partial nudity that might be inappropriate for young or sensitive audience members.


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