2 jailed after body found hidden in Provo closet

Dallas Juggert and Mary Mace. Photo: Utah County Jail

PROVO, Utah, April 21, 2018 (Gephardt Daily) — Two people have been booked into the Utah County Jail after police say they hid a body in a closet for nearly a week after a friend died of a drug overdose.

Dallas Joe Juggert and Mary Loueze Mace, both 20, were each booked for:

  • Abuse or desecration of a dead human body
  • Possession of a controlled substance marijuana/spice
  • Use or possession of drug paraphernalia
  • Obstruction of justice — false information

On April 13, Provo police received a call reporting a body hidden in the closet of a home in Provo’s Castlebrook area. The body was located, and it was determined that the deceased, Anthony Tanner, had died of a drug overdose on April 7, according to information from the department.

The body was put in the closet by Juggert and Mace, the Provo Police statement says.

“Through the investigation, we were advised Dallas and Mary were scared to report it because they had been using drugs and were trying to get help to dispose of the body and any evidence,” the statement says. “Provo Police located the body before he was disposed of.”

On April 19, Juggert and Mace were located at the Valley Inn, in Provo.

“During the investigation, Dallas was found hiding in the bathroom, drug paraphernalia and marijuana were found in the room with Juggert and Mace,” the statement says.

A probable cause statement fills in more details:

“Juggert contacted his (Tanner’s) sister and confessed to her that Tanner had overdosed on 04/07/2018, and that he was scared to report it because they had been using drugs, and he was trying to regain custody of his son,” the probable cause statement says.

“Furthermore, he told his sister that he had reached out to an individual, whose alias is ‘Cupcake,’ that has a ‘clean up’ crew. Cupcake and his crew were going to dispose of the body and any evidence.

“When Juggert learned that his roommate’s father was coming to the residence he fled, leaving the body in the closet. Provo Police located the body before he could return.”

Juggert and Mace were staying at the Valley Inn without the hotel’s knowledge, the statement says, because the couple had used a copy of a key from a previous stay.

“When police made contact with Mace at the room, she provided a false name,” the statement says. “When asked if anyone else was in the room, she lied and stated that there wasn’t. She was asked to provide proof that no one was in the bathroom.

“She used a cellphone to record her entering the bathroom in an attempt to show no one else was there, without allowing police access. The video was reviewed by police and Juggert could be seen hiding in the bathroom.”



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