Bountiful police declare turkey truce, turn attention to theme memes

A turkey casually evades capture by a Bountiful City Police officer. Photo: BCPD

BOUNTIFUL, Utah, Jan. 22, 2022 (Gephardt Daily) — Just when you think the Bountiful City Police Department has picked all turkey material to the bone, it comes up with another plan to promote public fowl play.

On Friday, following days of pleas for public help and punny posts on officer angst, the bird escaped a nearly enclosed parking garage, and BCPD declared its definitive defeat.

Then the department put out a call for turkey memes to celebrate the city’s cagey escape artist.

The police meme contest even promised limited edition commemorative turkey tokens to its top six winners.

Photo: Bountiful City Police Department

We’ll let the BCPD announce the winners in its own words, below:

Granted, I did not explicitly post rules, however I did provide a template.… There was one meme with a high number of likes, but it was not OC (original content) so I had to disqualify it. Sorry Julie Maxfield Cook, that meme was pre-existing.

Now your winners:

Alicia O’Boyle Cutts was spittin fire. Quality memes, used the template, and “guy looking back” meme is the No. 1 with 54 likes.

By Alicia O’Boyle Cutts

Angie Whetman – Reviving a classic, by inserting Bernie. Now, I will say this is low hanging fruit, but it got 45 likes and I can’t go against the will of the people. This is No. 2. I almost disqualified you for riding the Bernie coattails. For future meme offs, you are forbidden from using Bernie.

By Angie Whetman

Joe Lambertsen dropping Forrest Gump for a respectable 38 likes for No 3.

By Joe Lambertsen

Kylee Waterfield – Smashing job of original content utilizing multiple photos of the turkey, and keeping the reference local with the COVID line incorporation. Well done, with 38 likes, at No. 4.

By Kylee Waterfield

J.D. Hansen – Came in SAVAGE. The Monty Python was hit most likes at 27, but I personally enjoyed his others more. This is your No. 5.

By J.D. Hansen

Finally, squeaking in with 26 likes, is Jerry McMackin for the mash up of the template with the “Most Interesting Man in the World” format.

By Jerry McMackin

I only have six coins, so no room for a coin for my honorable mentions:

Juan Costa for incorporating marvel into the meme, and Amanda Shreve Davidson Pierce for “lady yelling at cat” usage.

Send us a message to coordinate delivery of your coin. This is a piece of Bountiful nostalgia that will be talked about, for at least the next year.

By Juan Costa
By Amanda Shreve Davidson Pierce


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