Photos: Car crashes into Salt Lake City house in middle of the night, lands in bedroom; police grateful no one was home

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah, Oct. 5, 2019 (Gephardt Daily) — Police responded to a home on Columbus Street after a neighbor called to report that a car had crashed into it at 12:10 a.m. Saturday.

Salt Lake City Police Lt. Carlos Valencia said when officers arrived at the house, at 563 N. Columbus, they couldn’t locate the driver, and the homeowners were not on the premises.

“That was very fortunate, because the car appears to have landed in one of the bedrooms,” Valencia said.

“We received reports earlier that this car fled from Utah Highway Patrol tonight at 1800 N. Beck St. We don’t know why the car fled, because the trooper was tied up on another call, so we didn’t get a lot of details,” Valencia told Gephardt Daily at the scene.

He said police only know that the car jumped the curb at the house on Columbus, jumped a couple of retention walls as well, and crash landed inside a bedroom of the home.

The bed ended up being flipped by the car.

“The trooper said the driver was a male, Hispanic, possibly African-American, with a hoodie. The neighbor that called said they thought they saw somebody, but they didn’t have enough information for us to go on,” Valencia said.

The crash happened just after midnight, and police were still trying to locate the homeowners more than an hour later.

Valencia said officers were going to make every effort to reach the homeowner, and a tow truck was being called to retrieve the crashed car from the bedroom.

“We’ll let the neighbors know. We’ll secure the house,” he added.

Officers also were in the process of obtaining surveillance video from surrounding homes.



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