Cedar City mother, boyfriend booked into jail after toddler found severely injured

Jason Wesley Workman and Nickole Danielle Sellers. Photo: Iron County

CEDAR CITY, Utah, March 4, 2020 (Gephardt Daily) — A Cedar City couple was booked into jail Tuesday after the woman’s 21-month-old son was hospitalized on Feb. 27 with multiple severe injuries and meth in his system.

Charged in the case and arrested Tuesday were Jason Wesley Workman, 21, and Nickole Danielle Sellers, 27.

The toddler “was found to have multiple bruises on his head, torso, and pelvis,” say the probable cause statements, which are nearly identical for both suspects.

“This bruising on his head, arm, and torso area were explained by his mother and her boyfriend by a fall from the top of his crib rail into a piece of furniture adjacent to it during the early morning hours the day before. However, his mother Nickole Sellers said that on 02/25/20 she and her boyfriend, Wesley Workman, returned home in the early morning hours and (the toddler) awoke.

“Wesley said he would stay up and care for him and she went to sleep. She awoke a few hours later to find that Wesley had put (the boy) in a bouncy seat and pulled the straps so tight he could not get out and had then come to bed. Nickole said she was angry at Wesley and he lied to her saying (the toddler) must have pulled the straps too tight himself.”

The toddler “had bruising on his pubic bone and his genitals were swollen as a result of Wesley’s actions,” the statements say. “As part of the testing done through their pediatrician Dr. Dowses office earlier that night, (the toddler) was found to have methamphetamine in his system in both a preliminary test of his sample and a second confirmation test.”

Workman was charged with endangerment of a child, a third-degree felony, for strapping the child in a bouncer tight enough to cause serious injury; and for child abuse/neglect, a class B misdemeanor. His bail was set at $5,680.

Sellers was charged with child abuse/neglect, a class B misdemeanor, a charge that, for both parties, was based on exposing the toddler to meth to a degree that it was found in his system. Sellers’ bail was set at $5,000.


  1. I’m so mad at this point. Nickole would never abuse her son. Ever. He did fall out of his crib and got some bruises but it’s Not from abuse and Wesley didn’t mean to tie to the straps so tight he only did them tight so Nickoles son wouldn’t get out because he likes to wonder places and I believe Wesley didn’t know he tied them so tight to the point where it hurt koles son. Wesley would never want to hurt him no matter the situation. Wesley loves koles son like he was his own. Kole doesn’t do drugs often like at all when I’m with her I’ve maybe seen her do like a shot or 2 but that’s it. Kole doesn’t do drugs. And I’m mad about how they said things.


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