UPDATED: LDS Mission President Shot In Mexico Robbery

LDS Mission President Shot
Oaxaca Mexico LDS Mission President Lynn R. Madsen, and wife, Diane. Photo Courtesy: LDS Church

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH – September 8, 2015 (Gephardt Daily) – An Orem, Utah man serving as LDS mission president in Oaxaca, Mexico has been shot and wounded during an armed robbery.

President Lynn Richard Madsen, 55, of the Mexico Oaxaca Mission of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, was shot in the lower legs Monday night in Juchitan de Zaragoza. He is currently hospitalized in good condition and expected to be released within the next few days.

The LDS Church spokesman Eric Hawkins confirmed the incident Tuesday night.

“President Madsen sustained injuries to both legs from a single gunshot,” Hawkins said. “Fortunately, his wounds are not serious in nature. He is receiving medical treatment and expected to make a full recovery.”

Madsen’s daughter, Kayla Madsen Jarret, posted an account of the shooting on her Facebook page Tuesday afternoon. She assured loved ones her dad and mom were alright.

Family and friends: My dad was shot last night in the calves during a robbery. The bullet went through both calves, leaving 4 bullet holes. I talked to him today, and he is doing just fine. He will be at the hospital for observation for a few more days. I don’t know all the details, but I’m sure he’ll make a full recovery, just not without some pain. We know the lord is watching over him right now, and we are all very thankful that this incident wasn’t worse. Thanks in advance for all your prayers.

Just to be clear, my parents are doing just fine. No need to panic or worry. If you know my parents, then you know they don’t like to cause people to worry over nothing and they like to keep attention o a minimum. Hopefully this answers your questions. We are all okay.

Jarret also updated her Facebook page Wednesday around 11 a.m.: He was/is so excited to be serving in Mexico… When he received the call I remember him saying, “I’m ready to go. I could leave tomorrow!” He and my mom had always planned to serve a mission together, and I guess the lord had a different plan in mind. He is such a great example to all of us kids, and we are truly the luckiest to call him our dad. He has such a strong testimony that can be felt whenever you’re around him. Even while in pain, he has such a positive attitude, and just wants to be back on his feet continuing the work in Mexico.

According to reports in local Mexico news site, Pagina 3, Madsen was in the restaurant with three LDS missionaries when two teens drove up on a motorcycle. One of the teens pulled a gun and began robbing customers. When patrons resisted at least one shot was fired striking Madsen in the legs.

Both suspects managed to escape.

Police say their investigation is ongoing.


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