Gov. Cox signs HB 60 allowing concealed carry without permit

Photo: Gov. Spencer J. Cox/Facebook

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah, Feb. 12, 2021 (Gephardt Daily) — On Friday, Gov. Spencer J. Cox signed five bills, including House Bill 60, which relates to the concealed carry of firearms in Utah without a permit.

HB 60, sponsored by Rep. Walt Brooks (R-St. George), allows a person to carry a concealed weapon in a public area without a permit if that person is at least 21 years old and may legally possess a firearm.

Amendments to the original bill provide for unused funds in the “concealed weapons account” to be transferred to the Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health for suicide prevention efforts and the creation of a Suicide Prevention and Education Fund within that division.

To view HB 60, click here.

A petition on asking Cox to veto HB 60 states that “Utahns do not support the prospect of having more untrained, unsafe concealed gun carrier in our communities. The Concealed Carry Permit process trains gun owners to be responsible.  It provides education on the lawful use of deadly force, the safe handling and storage of guns, and suicide prevention.  It also requires a background check.”

On Friday night, the petition had over 1,600 signatures.

Other bills signed by Cox on Friday are:

HB 12 — Deceased Voter Amendments

HCR 6 — Concurrent Resolution Recognizing COVID-19 Efforts

SB 54 — Kurt Oscarson Children’s Organ Transplant Coordinating Committee extension

SB 55 — Rural Online Initiative Sunset Amendments

According to a news release from the Governor’s Office, the five bills signed Friday bring the total number of signed pieces of legislation from the 2021 General Legislative Session to 16.


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