Harmons, Walmart will check temperature of employees before shifts

Harmons at City Creek. Photo Courtesy: Wikipedia/Harmons

UTAH, March 31, 2020 (Gephardt Daily) — Employees at both Harmons and Walmart will now have their temperatures taken before starting their shifts to help fight the coronavirus pandemic.

A news release from Harmons said: “Any associate who is determined to have a fever of 100°F or higher will be sent home immediately and instructed to call their health care provider. In addition, if an associate exhibits symptoms of being ill while at work, they will be sent home immediately.”

Harmons will then work to notify any other employees who were in contact with an employee who is sent home, as well as informing the grocery chain’s food safety team.

“Harmons continues to environmentally sanitize and inspect stores and food preparation equipment several times each day in accordance with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines,” the news release said. “Associates are regularly trained on hygiene practices for food handling.”

Dean Peterson, Harmons president and CEO, added: “This proactive action is being taken to mitigate potential exposure to our customers and other associates. We continue to work closely with the Utah Department of Health and are following the guidance set by the CDC.”

Walmart is also taking similar steps.

A news release from Walmart Tuesday said: “As the COVID-19 situation has evolved, we’ve decided to begin taking the temperatures of our associates as they report to work in stores, clubs and facilities, as well as asking them some basic health screening questions. We are in the process of sending infrared thermometers to all locations, which could take up to three weeks.

“Many associates have already been taking their own temperatures at home, and we’re asking them to continue that practice as we start doing it on-site. And we’ll continue to ask associates to look out for other symptoms of the virus (coughing, feeling achy, difficulty breathing) and never come to work when they don’t feel well.”

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