Large Landslide Threatens Riverton Homes, Neighbors On Edge

Landslide Riverton
Photo: Gephardt Daily / Arturo Soria

RIVERTON, UTAH – September 3, 2015 (Gephardt Daily) – A landslide in Riverton has placed at least one home in danger and has an entire neighborhood on edge.

Unified Fire Authorities responded around 2 p.m. to the area of 12458 South Tithing Drive in Riverton by the river bottoms. When crews arrived they found the ground had given way and slid nearly 30 feet.

Rob Morley, with UFA, said there was an unusual amount of moisture that caused the land to give way. “The slope is about 30 feet deep by 30 feet wide and about 10 feet from one of the residents decks,” said Morley. “According to that homeowner, the slide was relatively slow, taking about 30 seconds to stop.”

The area of the landslide has a lot of new construction, however, there are occupied homes that could have been affected. “We feel that the homes are not in imminent danger at this time and that the slide appears to have stabilized,” said Morely. “It is still unpredictable and we will continue to use caution.”

There are no reports of injuries and the main cause of the slide is still under investigation.


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