Police: Ogden parents charged with felony child abuse; admit to administering ‘discipline’

Trev and Kimberly Tutt. Photos: Weber County

OGDEN, Utah, Aug. 31, 2019 (Gephardt Daily) — A Weber County couple has been jailed after an Ogden City Police officer says they admitted keeping one of their daughters chained and withheld food from her as a form of “discipline.”

Trev Jordan Tutt, 33, and Kimberly Marie Tutt, 35, were booked into Weber County Jail on Wednesday.

Kimberly Tutt is charged on suspicion of:

  • Child abuse — infliction of serious physical injury intentionally a second-degree felony
  • Aggravated assault, a third-degree felony
  • Child abuse involving physical injury, a class A misdemeanor

Trev Tutt is charged on suspicion of:

  • Child abuse — infliction of serious physical injury intentionally a second-degree felony
  • Child abuse — infliction of serious injury on a child, criminal negligence, a class A misdemeanor

A probable cause statement filed by an officer of the Ogden City Police Department says he interviewed the alleged victim, who is in her mid-teens.

She “reported that her mother, Kimberly Tutt (Kim) has been torturing her for years,” the officer’s statement says. “She disclosed being chained up at night with a chain on her wrist since she was in seventh grade.

The victim “stated that recently Kim has chained her to a bed in a motel room, and forced to lay under the bed, with only about 7 inches of clearance, for approximately 12 hours.”

The victim told the OCPD officer that it was painful, being kept in one position for so long, and that after bathroom trips, “she was physically forced back under by Kim and her father Trev Tutt.

“Both Kim and Trev admitted to me this was true,” the probable cause statement says. “Additionally, food has been withheld from (the victim), and though she is 15 she seems small for her age, suggesting stunted growth.

“Both Trev and Kim admit that withholding food is used as a form of discipline though they claim (the victim) is not being starved.”

The victim told the officer that over a four-day period, she had been allowed to eat a cheeseburger, two pancakes, and a small egg roll. Water was withheld during two of those four days, the teenager said.

“Furthermore, (the teen) told me her mother hit her in the head with a hammer and wrench approximately one year ago,” the Ogden officer’s statement says.

“Kim told me it was not premeditated, and she had grabbed the instruments during an argument, she later said it could (have) happened.

“This abuse is apparently focused on (the victim), and her two sisters are left alone. Both Kim and Trev admit she gets the most ‘discipline,’ which has been going on for many years.”

Kimberly Tutt’s bail is set at $21,950. Trev Tutt’s bail is set at $11,950. Both are scheduled for a court appearance on Tuesday.


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