Provo K-9 Trigger retires after 8 years of service

K-9 Trigger and Officer Brough. Photo Courtesy: Provo PD

PROVO, Utah, Nov. 14, 2019 (Gephardt Daily) — The Provo Police Department’s K-9, Trigger, is retiring Thursday after eight years of service, officials said.

“For the last five years, Trigger has been partners with Officer Brough,” said a Facebook post from Provo police.

“During this time, Officer Brough and Trigger have been involved in between 80 and 100 presentations such as citizen academies, preschools, elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, youth homes, scout groups, youth groups, and they have also done them at the Missionary Training Center for BYU security.”

The post added that Trigger has been deployed over 400 times on drug sniffs, with 205 successful finds. 

“Trigger has been close to 90% on real world deployments where they have admitted to drugs being in the car recently and they just missed it,” the post said. “Overall, Trigger has been a true asset to our department.”

The post has numerous comments, including one Facebook user who said: “Well enjoy your work-free life Trigger. My nephew liked working alongside with you and Brough when he did his training to become an officer. You have done a great job Trigger! Time to spend the rest of your dog life playing and relaxing.”

Another Facebook user posted: “Trigger is a sweet dog. I have a great picture of him with my son in the emergency room. He calmed my son down when he needed to get stitches in his head. Happy retirement buddy!!”

Provo police officers with their K-9 companions. Photo Courtesy: Provo PD


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