Romney, Lee, Curtis, Moore blast Biden’s speech, decry lack of bipartisanship

President Joe Biden delivers his first address to a joint session of Congress two days before his 100th day in office, at the U.S. Capitol in Washington DC, on Wednesday. Pool photo by Melina Mara/UPI

WASHINGTON, D.C., April 28, 2021 (Gephardt Daily) — Utah lawmakers had strong responses to the address given by Pres. Joe Biden on Wednesday night.

Shortly after Biden concluded his thoughts, Sens. Mitt Romney and Mike Lee joined Reps. Chris Stewart and Blake Moore in rejecting Biden’s sweeping proposals.

See their commentary below.

Sen. Mitt Romney. Photo: Twitter/Sen. Mitt Romney

 Sen. Mitt Romney

Rep. Mike Lee. Photo: Twitter/Rep. Mike Lee

Sen. Mike Lee


Rep. Chris Stewart. Photo: Twitter/Rep. Chris Stewart

Rep. Chris Stewart

“Tonight, President Biden offered more of the same: Bipartisanship in name only. He campaigned as a moderate candidate and continues to champion the unification of America. Unfortunately, despite the president’s soothing tones of a return to normal, his legislative actions have been the most partisan I’ve seen during my time in Congress.

“President Biden confirmed that he plans to continue down a path of radical spending, announcing an additional $1.8 trillion to be paid for with taxpayer money. This brings President Biden’s total in proposed new spending to $6 trillion – all in less than 100 days in office. The bill for this money-for-everybody-and-everything policy is coming due. It’s going to cost everyone, and all of America deserves representation in the matter. Republicans need a seat at the table on the other side of President Biden’s 100th day in office.”


Rep. Blake Moore. Photo: Facebook/Rep. Blake Moore

Congressman Blake Moore

“I appreciated listening to President Biden’s vision for America, and I am grateful for his service to our nation. However, I have grave concerns about his agenda items that will adversely impact Utah’s First District and Americans across the country,” Moore’s statement says.

“Since my first day in office, I have looked forward to working with the Biden Administration and finding common ground on issues that both sides of the aisle prioritize, including immigration, infrastructure, and economic recovery. I sent President Biden a letter expressing my desire to put productivity over partisanship to deliver results for Utahns and Americans at large.

“But unfortunately President Biden has not exemplified the values or principles on which he ran. Despite his calls for unity and bipartisanship, his first 100 days in office have revealed one of the most partisan administrations in our history with 42 executive orders — the most since the Truman Administration — that push left-wing priorities without any input at all from Congress, American families, or other stakeholders.

“His executive order halting oil and gas leases has threatened the livelihoods of Utahns living in our rural communities, and his corporate and federal tax hikes will stunt our nation’s desperately needed economic growth, exacerbate our national debt crisis, and harm job prospects for the most vulnerable in our communities.

“I applaud and echo Senator Tim Scott’s outlook for America’s future. I am hopeful that we can unite and find bipartisan solutions to our country’s most pressing problems as we recover from the pandemic. Americans need us to work together now more than ever, and I am committed to doing my part to work across the aisle and advocate for the interests of northern Utah.”


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