Update: Sunset fluoride scare subsides, warning lifted

Photo: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

SUNSET, Utah, Sept. 16, 2022 (Gephardt Daily) — The Sunset fluoride overload to the water system has subsided, city officials said Friday.

Wednesday’s alert has been canceled “Due to multiple samples being well below the Environmental Protection Agency’s drinking water standard for fluoride, the Division of Drinking Water has authorized Sunset City to lift the Drinking Water Warning public notice that was issued on September 14, 2022,” according to a statement Friday afternoon on the city’s website.
Wednesday the city had stressed that the serious consequence of excessive fluoride exposure is bone disease but only after a period of years. In the shorter term the exposure may cause mottling of children’s teeth, usually in those less than nine years old. “Mottling, also known as dental fluorosis, may include brown staining and/or pitting of the permanent teeth. This problem occurs only in developing teeth before they erupt from the gums.”

“If you have not already done so,” the city said Friday, “the Utah Division of Drinking Water recommends households and businesses take the following actions:”
● Flush (run) every cold and hot water tap used for drinking water or bathing for 3-5 minutes.
● Empty any water in appliance service lines.
● Discard any ice in refrigerators and water used for pets.
● After flushing, please report any objectionable taste, odors, or discoloration in the
drinking water to the city.
● If you are experiencing any health effects, contact your healthcare provider.

For more information, please contact Jason D Monroe at 801-979-8913 or [email protected] The latest statement is available on the city’s website sunset-ut.com.


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