Suspect arrested after allegedly threatening men in front of him in Ogden McDonald’s drive-thru

Ogden Police car. File photo: Gephardt Daily/Laura Withers

OGDEN, Utah, Dec. 20, 2021 (Gephardt Daily) — A suspect was arrested Sunday after he allegedly threatened the men in front of him in a McDonald’s drive-thru “because they weren’t ordering fast enough,” officials said.

A probable cause statement from the 2nd District Court of Weber County said Bryan Nava, 20, is facing two counts of aggravated assault, a third-degree felony.

The arresting officer from Ogden Police Department responded to the McDonald’s at 1111 Washington Blvd. at approximately 1:37 a.m. on a report of a weapons disturbance, the statement said. The complainant said he had been threatened with a gun while in the drive thru.

“The victim said a Hispanic male, later identified as Bryan Nava (Bryan), had been impatient and honked at them while in the drive thru,” the statement said. The victim said Bryan was yelling obscenities at him and his brother.”

The victim and his brother exited his vehicle and started yelling back at Nava, the statement said.

“According to the victim, Bryan pulled a firearm from his waistband and said, ‘get back in your car or something will happen,'” the statement said. “The victim and his brother got back in their vehicle. The victim said Bryan got back into his vehicle and drove away. As Bryan was driving away, he made a finger gun with his hand and pretended to shoot at the victims.”

The victim described the firearm as a silver and black Glock with a silver-colored extended magazine. The victim said the firearm had silver barrel and three slanted lines at the front of the barrel, and an added rubberized grip.

“Officers stopped the vehicle described by the victims,” the statement said. “The driver, Bryan Nava, was carrying a Glock 43X in his waistband. When officers approached Bryan, only the grip and the extended magazine was visible. Bryan was carrying the firearm without a holster and was only using a clip attached to the back of the slide. Bryan’s firearm had a silver barrel with slanted lines on the front of the barrel. The firearm had a rubberized grip added and a silver-colored extended magazine.”

Nava was read his Miranda rights and agreed to speak with the officer.

“Bryan said he honked at the car in front of him because they weren’t ordering fast enough,” the statement said. “Bryan said two males in the vehicle started yelling obscenities at him and eventually got out of the vehicle.”

Nava said he started yelling back and got out of his vehicle.

“According to Bryan, the two males called him a p—y because he needed a gun,” the statement said. “Bryan said he told the males to get in their vehicle. Bryan denied ever pulling the firearm from his waistband despite the exact description given by the victims.”

The passenger in Nava’s vehicle told officers the suspect was yelling out of the window and two males exited the vehicle in front of them. The passenger said the males were trying to start a fight with them, and that Nava exited the vehicle and told them he was willing to fight in the parking lot. Nava’s passenger said the two males told the suspect that he was a p—y because he needed the gun.

“Bryan’s passenger said Bryan told them that he didn’t need the gun and they should get back in their vehicle,” the statement said.

Nava was transported to Weber County Jail, where he was later ordered to be released with conditions.


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