Suspect jailed after alleged domestic violence against longtime victim, fleeing pursuit effort involving multiple agencies

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TAYLORSVILLE, Utah, June 22, 2023 (Gephardt Daily) — A Sandy man has been jailed on multiple felony charges after he allegedly assaulted a woman who has a protective order against him at a Taylorsville restaurant, and who fled police.

The suspect arrested was 43-year-old Joe Lomu. The victim had formerly been in a personal relationship with the suspect.

A probable cause statement filed against Lomu by an officer of the Taylorsville Police Department says Lomu fought at a Taylorsville Texas Roadhouse restaurant after the victim went there to meet someone else for dinner.

“The victim explained that AP (arrested party) stalks her constantly,” charging documents say. “The victim explained that she has a protective order against the AP. The victim stated that an argument broke out at the restaurant, and she admitted to throwing water in the AP’s face. The victim stated that she attempted to leave the restaurant when the AP picked up a glass from the table, throwing it and striking her.”

Photo Gephardt DailyMonico GarzaSLCScanner

The victim showed the officer a red abrasion where she said the glass struck her.

A records check showed eight cases in which Lomu was charged with violating the protective order, with six cases occurring in 2023.

With instructions from the victim, police were able to locate Lomu’s apartment, and set up containment.

“Eventually unmarked detective units called out that the AP had returned to his truck, and they were converging on him. The units called out that the AP was noncompliant
and got into his truck. The AP fled from officers in his truck. There were multiple fully marked Taylorsville Police patrol vehicles with their red and blue emergency lights activated.”

Lomu’s truck was spiked, and multiple tires were deflated, his charging documents say.

“The AP’s truck was only able to reach maximum speeds of 15 MPH. The radio channel was patched to regional so other officers from other agencies could assist; Sandy PD, Unified PD, and West Jordan PD units would join the pursuit. Eventually I would estimate that there were approximately 40-50 police cars involved in the chase.

“It got to the point that as the AP fled westbound on 7000 South every intersection was being held by two to three clearly marked police patrol vehicles from the various agencies. The AP led officers on an approximately 8.2 mile pursuit over 40 minutes…. The AP was finally stopped when a Utah Highway Patrol MWRAP armored vehicle was able to slam into the AP’s vehicle.

“The AP was taken into custody at that point after being bit by a police K-9.”

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Post Miranda, Lomu “admitted that he had been in contact with the victim, but it was her that showed up at the restaurant to bug him. The AP admitted that he knew about the PO (protective order), but insisted it was the victim violating the PO by being at the restaurant.”

Lomu also said he “just reacted when the victim threw ‘lemonade’ on him. The AP admitted that he knew it was the police chasing him tonight,” his affidavit says.

The suspect’s vehicle was uninsured, and had a suspended driver license, the document says. An inventory turned up a Bowie knife, about 10 inches in length. As a convicted felony, Lomu is banned from possessing dangerous weapons.

Lomu was transported to a hospital for treatment, and the Taylorsville Police official learned the suspect had been on the phone with the victim during the pursuit, and “had tried to get the victim to retract her statements and not move forward with the case against him.”

Lomu admitted talking to the victim during the pursuit, “denied the witness tampering. The conversation alone violated the protective order a second time during this incident.”

Lomu, who had active domestic violence warrants involving the victim, was charged on suspicion of:

  • Two counts of violation of a protective order, a third-degree felony
  • Failure to stop or respond at command of police, a third-degree felony
  • Assault, a class B misdemeanor
  • Operating a vehicle without a license or registration, suspended or revoked, a class C misdemeanor
  • Operating a vehicle without insurance, a class C misdemeanor
  • Disorderly conduct, an infraction

Lomu was booked into the Salt Lake County jail system, and was ordered to be held without bail.

Photo Gephardt DailyMonico GarzaSLCScanner


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