Timber rattlesnake slithers onto family’s couch during Utah Jazz, Dallas Mavericks playoff game

April 30 (UPI) — A Texas family who took a break from watching a Dallas Mavericks Utah Jazz game on TV to eat some pizza returned to the couch on their patio to find it occupied by a timber rattlesnake.

Jacob Gamble of Decatur, Texas, captured video after finding the snake coiled up on the couch on his family’s back patio during the NBA Playoffs game.

The footage shows the snake resting on the couch cushion in front of a pillow reading, “Live the life you imagined.”

Gamble said his family had gone inside to eat pizza about 10 minutes earlier and returned to find the serpent occupying the sofa.

He posted his video to a Facebook group dedicated to snake identifications, and he learned the reptile was a highly-venomous timber rattlesnake.

Gamble said it was the first time he has had an encounter with a timber rattlesnake since moving to Decatur three years earlier.


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