Update: Provo Officer John Oseguera returns to work 7 months after shooting

Shooting victim Officer John Oseguera. Photo: Provo Police Department

PROVO, Utah, Sept. 27, 2021 (Gephardt Daily) — Provo Police Officer John Oseguera has returned to work seven months after being shot during an officer-involved critical incident.

A Facebook post from Provo PD Monday says: “After several months of recovery due to gunshot wounds, Officer Oseguera is now back on the road! He had been looking forward to getting back to work and helping out the good people of Provo. During his recovery, Officer Oseguera always kept his positive and happy spirit. We have always loved and admired him for it. The Oseguera family appreciates all the love and support from the community during the healing process. Welcome back, Officer Osegura!”

Osegura was shot Feb. 25. The day after the shooting, the Provo Police Department shared an update on the officer, saying he “was alert and in good spirits. His recovery will take time.”

The Utah County Attorney’s Office charged the suspect in the case, Keith Justin Taylor, 45, with three counts of attempted criminal homicide, aggravated murder, a first-degree felony, as well as felony discharge of a firearm, a third-degree felony.

A probable cause affidavit said that officers were called to the area of the Vista Apartments after receiving reports of an armed man behaving erratically. Arriving officers found the glass of the front door shot out.

Witnesses directed the four officers to the suspect’s apartment.

“Officers made contact with defendant who admitted to shooting out the front door because he said he was being harassed. Defendant was displaying suspicious behavior such as refusing to come out of the apartment and talk to the officers and claiming that he worked for the DEA and NSA.

“One of the officers offered his cell phone to defendant to call his alleged federal supervisor and when defendant reached for the phone, officers attempted to detain the defendant; however, he broke free and ran into the apartment. Three of the four uniformed officers followed defendant into the apartment as he ran to a back bedroom. When he reached the bedroom, defendant grabbed an assault rifle off the bed and turned to the officers. All three officers were standing in the hallway and drew their service weapons.

“Defendant turned, faced the officers and began shooting rounds from the semi-automatic rifle as fast as he could fire the weapon. The closest officer was hit in the abdomen and fell into an adjacent bathroom.” That officer was Oseguera.

The other officers took defensive positions and returned fire, the statement said.

“Either through the door or by reaching around, defendant shot the wounded officer on the bathroom floor again with a 9mm handgun twice in the legs at which time the wounded officer fired an entire magazine through the wall at the defendant,” the statement said.

“During this exchange, the other officers were able to advance and provide cover while the wounded officer exited the apartment and was taken to the hospital with serious gunshot injuries requiring emergency surgery to remove a bullet near his spine and repair a broken leg,” the statement said. “After a final barrage of gunfire from the officers, defendant surrendered and was taken into custody.”

Many Facebook users welcomed Osegura back to the job.

“Thanks for your sacrifice and service sir,” wrote one Facebook user. “Welcome back. I appreciate you keeping us safe in our community.”

“Congrats on your recovery and return to work!” wrote another Facebook user. “Thank you for all you do.”

A third user wrote: “So grateful for these amazing officers!”


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