Utah Communication Authority Reveals More Than $800,000 Embezzled, Employee Fired

Source: Utah Communication Authority website

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah, April 8, 2016 (Gephardt Daily) –The Utah Communication Authority has fired an employee after finding evidence of more than $800,000 credit card fraud dating back to 2009.

In addition, UCA executive director Steven Proctor has resigned, and his name has been deleted from the company website, but still remains on archived documents.

The fired employee reportedly was an assistant to the executive director.

The Utah Communication Authority is primarily responsible for maintaining an operating Utah’s safety-related radio networks, 911 program and emergency communication systems.

On Friday, the USA released a prepared statement stating that an independent investigation indicates an employee and that person’s spouse had used UCA credit cards for personal and unauthorized purposes, and had altered credit card statements to hide the activity.

“The board is aggressively pursuing both criminal and civil remedies against the former employee responsible for the unauthorized charges,” the UCA board’s prepared statement said.

“In particular, the board filed a civil suit and has obtained signed statements of admission in support of a proposed judgment for all amounts at issue. Additionally, the matter is being investigated for criminal charges. UCA and the board take very seriously their responsibility to operate and maintain Utah’s emergency communications network.”

“UCA and the Board regret that the afore-mentioned events occurred and are committed to pursuing the resolution necessary to resolve the issue.”

A civil suit has been filed against the former employee. A third-party accounting firm, which reportedly missed the discrepancies, has ended its services for the UCA, and a new accounting firm has been hired.

The West Valley City Police Department will be among the agencies investigating the case.



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