Utah Department of Commerce warns of utility scams

Photo Courtesy: Rocky Mountain Power

UTAH, March 2, 2021 (Gephardt Daily) — Utah Department of Commerce is warning residents that utility scams are on the rise.

“With recent weather and utility issues in Texas, there’s an uptick in scammers pretending to be utility companies,” said a tweet. “Typical scams involve the caller claiming outstanding balances on your utility bills. Then comes the catch… the scammer then claims unless your outstanding balances are paid immediately, your water/power/gas will be shut off. But don’t bite. The scammer wants you to ‘panic pay’ so they can abscond with your money. Don’t do it!”

Utility companies don’t force you to pay over text, phone, or email, the tweet said. They also never ask for prepaid cash cards or gift cards for immediate payment.

The department recommends that you:

  •  Thank the caller and hang up.
  •  Don’t call the number the scammer gave you.
  • Use the utilities website to find reliable contact info.

For more information on utility scams click here.


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