Utah elected leaders share 9/11 anniversary thoughts

Gov. Spencer Cox spend Sept. 11, 2021, volunteering. Photo: Utah Gov. Spencer J. Cox Twitter

UTAH, Sept. 11, 2021 (Gephardt Daily) — Utah’s top elected leaders marked the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks with messages, calls to action, service or a combination of those.

Gov. Spencer J. Cox spend some of the day volunteering, he tweeted:

“Following the 9/11 attacks, thousands spontaneously volunteered to help support rescue and recovery efforts. We’re joining millions of Americans in recapturing that spirit of unity through service. Today we’re at @GraniteKids. Find a project near you at justserve.org!”

Cox also issued a proclamation in an earlier tweet:

Sen. Mike Lee

Sen. Mike Lee issued a video statement about Americans pulling together, and Utahns who have sacrificed all in the service of our country. His video appears below.

Sen. Mitt Romney

Sen. Mitt Romney issued a serious of tweets:

“Today, on the 20th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on 9/11, we think of those who lost their lives that tragic day and all of those who have bled and died for our freedom. May we continue to look to the American flag as a symbol of their sacrifice.”

Sen Mitt Romney Photo TwitterSen Mitt Romney

“Today, the flood of emotions returns: crushing sorrow for the lost, heartache for the loved ones, glory laden appreciation for the heroes. May our hearts be filled with their memory, and our souls with their love for family and country.”

“What struck me the most after the attacks on 9/11 was the unity we felt as Americans for our country–the boundaries between us seemed to disappear. May the memory of those we lost inspire us to heal our divisions and unite us on our path forward to meet the challenges ahead.”

Rep. Chris Stewart

Rep. Chris Stewart tweeted, asking Utahns to remember.

Rep Chris Stewart Photo TwitterRep Chris Stewart

Twenty years have passed since we saw one of the worst days in America’s history. But, on that same day, we also saw some of the bravest acts in Americans’ history.

Today, remember the sense of strength and unity with which we responded.”

Rep. Burgess Owens

And Rep. Burgess Owens tweeted his thanks to first responders.


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