Utah’s motorcycle filtering law takes effect Tuesday; review the rules

A new law going into affect on Tuesday, May 14, allows motorcyclists to filter between stopped vehicles under some circumstances. Photo: Utah Department of Public Safety

UTAH, May 9, 2019 (Gephardt Daily) — A new law going into effect on Tuesday allows motorcyclists to filter between stopped vehicles on multi-lane roadways under specific circumstances.

The law is intended to keep motorcyclists safer by removing them from regular traffic lanes where they are likely to get rear-ended by vehicles while waiting for a stop light or sign in certain cases.

When conditions are met and moving forward is safe, motorcycles will be allowed to edge forward between stopped traffic on the line between same-direction lanes.

The lane filtering rules are:

  • The roadway must have a speed limit of 45 miles per hour or less. This means no filtering on interstates.
  • The roadway must be divided into two or more adjacent traffic lanes with the same direction of travel.
  • The vehicles being overtaken in the same lane must be stopped.
  • While filtering, the motorcycle must be traveling at a speed of 15 mph or less.
  • The movement must be made safely.

Some of the roadways meeting the requirements of the 45 mph or less speed limit and multiple same-direction lanes of traffic are:

Source Utah Department of Public Safety

In Salt Lake County

  • Foothill Boulevard
  • State Street
  • 700 East
  • Redwood Road

In Davis and Weber Counties

  • Parrish Lane
  • Antelope Drive
  • Park Lane
  • Riverdale Road
  • Harrison Boulevard
  • Washington Boulevard

In Utah County

  • State Street
  • 1600 North, Orem
  • 800 North, Orem
  • Geneva Road

To read more about the new law, click here.


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