Utah’s statewide weather forecast includes big chill for most

Photo: Pixabay/dep377

UTAH, Oct. 10, 2021 (Gephardt Daily) — Utah’s weather hits the highs and lows this week, with high winds stripping our colorful leaves from the branches and low temperatures threatening our garden tomatoes.

Between now and Thursday, the National Weather Service is predicting a state low, 17 degrees, in Richfield, and highs in the 70s for Moab and St. George.

The graphics below, all from the National Weather Service, show current predictions for five areas of Utah, with links to click to access the most current information.

And the map immediately below shows statewide conditions as of 9 p.m. Sunday, and illustrates how many parts of the state face a winter storm warning. For updated information and to use interactive features, click the National Weather Service link, here.

To see local forecasts, check below. Locations are listed north to south.

● ● ●

Here’s the Logan/Cache County forecast. To check for updated information, click here.

● ● ●

Here’s the Salt Lake City area forecast. To check for updated information, click here.

● ● ●

Here’s the Central Utah forecast, based on weather predicted for Richfield. For updates, click here.

● ● ●

Here’s the forecast for the Moab/Grand Junction, Colo., area. For updates, click here.

 ● ● ●

And here’s the forecast for the St. George area. For updates, click here.


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